Office Manager

Rachael Sims

How long have you been working at McKay and what does your job entail?

I have been working at McKay since September, 2021. You can find me manning the front desk, from which I take customer phone calls, answer emails and focus on keeping the office running smoothly. A large part of my job is to handle customer inquiries and service call issues, getting together with all sorts of other departments to make sure all customer issues are handled quickly and with ease.

MGS 14

General background and education:

I grew up in Sioux City and moved to Omaha for college, graduating from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a degree focusing on business, political science, and history. Before coming to McKay, I gained an extensive amount of experience in Customer Service by working in the Restaurant, Finance, and Retail industries.

Why do you enjoy working at McKay Lighting?

I enjoy the slower pace that comes with working in an office environment. I am offered a chance to hone my knowledge of the industry and how McKay works to offer its customers the best value and service, which in turn helps me in offering the same to the customers I work with directly.