Operations Manager

Joe Reynolds

MGS 19


How long you have been part of the McKay Landscape Lighting team and what does your job entail:

I started working here in September 2020. My workload very much consists of helping everyone here at McKay, in any way that I can, to ensure our operations runs seamlessly and efficiently.

General background and education:

I was born and raised here in Omaha, NE. However, I spent my last two years of high school in Miami, FL, after which I attended South Florida State, where I graduated with my A.A. in Education. Prior to working at McKay Landscape Lighting, I managed a wholesale lighting and electrical company.

Why do you like working at McKay Lighting:

I very much enjoy working for a small, family owned company. Not to mention the incredible work that we do to make peoples homes and businesses come to life.

Members of your family:

My amazing wife, Andi, as well as my three children, Lillyana, Daisy, and Rowan are the reason why my life is perfect. We have a dog and two cats who contribute a little bit to that as well.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time and anything additional that you want to share about yourself:

I am a musician who enjoys collecting musical instruments, and performing. I also love sports.

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