Outdoor Lighting Installer

Dylan Pflanz

How long you have been part of the McKay Landscape Lighting team and what does your job entail:Dylan-Landscape-Lighting-Installer-Omaha-Nebraska-McKay-Lighting-0592-252x312

I joined McKay in December of 2018. I am a part of the install team. I'll be installing landscape lights and then setting up, taking down, and testing Christmas lights around the holiday season. 

General background and education:

I am from Wayne, Nebraska and went to Wayne High School and Wayne State College. I grew up working in construction with my dad. 

Why do you like working at McKay Lighting:

Fun people to work with. I get to see a lot of cool houses, light set ups, and there is always something new to learn. 

Members of your family:

My wife Cassady (Cassy) and our two cats. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time and anything additional that you want to share about yourself:

I enjoy spending time with family friends, watching basketball, playing video games, and being outside. 

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