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Last week we talked about getting started with landscape lighting and how you can always add more layers of lighting as you need or want later on. This week we wanted to share a story of one of our clients who did just that.

He and his wife had been discussing if they wanted to stay in their house or move. After much consideration they decided to stay in their house for the long haul. Since they were planning to stay in their home, he wanted to add more layers of light.

He met with Jerry, and asked him how he would light his property if it were his own.  They walked the property together and talked about certain areas and why they would need light, how each area gets used, or if it could be a potential threat.  This allowed us to add lighting based on his needs and our experience, with a security thought in mind, while not spoiling the aesthetics of the property.

Keeping security lighting in mind as there had been a theft previously, we added down lights in the backyard and expanded the light to the perimeter of the property, deep into the trees, and on both sides of the house. There were some lights in their window wells controlled with a switch within the house, and we replaced them with low voltage lights allowing them to turn on automatically with the rest of the system each night.

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The first time around, we installed the basics, lighting a few trees and adding path lights. This time he was looking to add more security and aesthetic lighting. Therefore, we expanded the light in the trees and around the perimeter of the property, up lit the house, added lamp posts around the patio, and down lit the driveway.

McKay Lighting originally installed the landscape lighting around their home and maintained their system with regular service over the years.  At McKay, we believe that an integral part of why our clients continue to come back to us to add layers of lighting is because of our continuing superior customer service, both in the field and in the office. As their lifestyles change, so does the way they live their lives at home. One outdoor remodeling project can domino into another and our clients know they can depend on McKay to meet their every outdoor lighting need as it changes along the way. We build a rapport and with that comes earned their trust. And because of that trust, our clients always know that McKay will keep their lights burning brightly every night.

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