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Residential Outdoor Pool Lighting Omaha Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

It's not quite summer yet, but now that the weekend is here and warm weather is in the forecast... lounging poolside is on the list of things to do.  Adding outdoor lighting around your pool can extend your summer fun into the evening hours. When properly done, it creates a unique ambiance and makes hazardous areas like steps, walkways, and pool edges safer.

Whether round, rectangular, or asymmetrical shape, proper pool lighting can create the perfect environment for late-night enjoyment. We went through our gallery, and these pools will have you craving the late summer nights. If you are looking for ideas to light the areas around your pool and get more use out of your space this summer, you'll want to see our favorite pool landscape lighting designs from here in Omaha to Maui.

Barton - Rustic Outdoor Space Patio Landscape Lighting Around Pool Sioux Falls South Dakota McKay Li

The distressed wood, natural stone, colored and stained concrete, and burnt steel panels to give this outdoor space a rustic feel. The outdoor lighting for this South Dakota project was essential as it sets the mood while adding safety at night. 

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The bistro string lights add a unique and festive ambiance to this pool space while also increasing nighttime safety. We used an Edison bulb style and poles to match the industrial details of the space.

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Tropical Escape - Maui Landscape Lighting Design Tour_1

Maui is a great place for stargazing, and what better place than while enjoying a late night in the pool. Sections of this landscape lighting design can be turned off to maximize stargazing opportunities.

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Outdoor lighting provides a unique ambiance and makes hazardous areas like steps, walkways, and pool edges safer | McKay Landscape Lighting, Omaha Nebraska

This home has gorgeous architectural features, we used light to accent the aesthetic features, highlighting the beautiful stone columns, and make the pool deck safer. 

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Resort-Style Pool Lighting Omaha Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

The tiki torches around this pool give it a private resort feel. The dancing flames are a unique and festive yet soothing element that works well for entertaining or relaxing. 

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Elegant Outdoor Pool Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting W 14

Illuminating unique features near your pool, like the pergola at this modern classic home, can provide unique and elegant reflections on the water.  The lighting design enhances the timeless beauty of the home and property.

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An expertly lit pool area will allow you to enjoy more of these long, leisurely summer evenings spent utilizing your pool | McKay Landscape Lighting, Omaha Nebraska

From the pool and patio to the outdoor kitchen and fireplace, this picture-perfect outdoor oasis gives all the luxury vacation like feels without having to leaving home. The landscape lighting helps set the mood for many enjoyable late nights around the pool. 

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This outdoor space has it all - pool, outdoor fireplace, pergola and more. It's one that can be enjoyed every night, regardless of the season. 

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An expertly lit pool area will allow you to enjoy more of these long, leisurely summer evenings spent utilizing your pool. McKay Landscape Lighting has years of experience installing landscape lighting around pools. While there are various ways to light the area, an outdoor lighting designer will develop the perfect custom outdoor lighting design to fit your needs.

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Ready to light your outdoor space or have questions?  Set up your free consultation online to meet with a landscape lighting designer or feel free to contact us with your questions.

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