Golf Course Lighting: Changing the Atmosphere for Evening + Dining Business


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The Players Club at Deer Creek is Omaha’s only 27-hole private club. The championship golf course was designed by Arnold Palmer, PGA TOUR Legend, and offers its members and guests quality conditioning amidst a challenging layout as well as a wealth of amenities. The premier golf course has added landscape lighting in several phases over the years. The general manager, Tim Halpine, gave us some insight on how it has helped present the whole facility in a better light…

According to Tim, it was about six or seven years ago when the golf course was first starting to become a private golf club. They were looking to separate themselves and add a little something extra to the property. Tim said, “Our initial thought was to add landscape lighting to the trees and areas around the clubhouse to make more of a focal point at night as the evening and dining business began to grow. That is where McKay Landscape Lighting came into place. We met with Jerry for a consultation and discussed ideas for adding light to the property. He then developed a few design options and showed us what the place could look like with outdoor lighting. That sold us right away. There is a reason he does what he does and we don’t.” A plan was then developed to install the landscape lighting in three separate phases.

Golf Course Clubhouse Outdoor Lighting

After the first phase was installed, Tim said that they realized just how much of an impact the new light had on the overall atmosphere of the golf course. That and all the great compliments the golf course received from its members on how much they enjoyed the extra light. Since it was something new to the facility, Tim gauged its effectiveness based on the comments he was hearing from guests and members. He said, "Based on what we were hearing, we immediately decided to start the second phase to add more light. We liked how it looked and that it was well received."

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Tim says that over the years The Players Club at Deer Creek has added as much lighting as their budget has allowed for. He went on to say, "It’s not something that is a direct touch, but we feel it helps present our whole facility in a better light. Our focus was to bring in more evening and dining business and, as we've added more light, it has provided a better atmosphere and helped us address some safety concerns that comes with having more business at night. We've lit up stairs to help prevent possible trips and falls and highlighted walkways."

For someone looking to add lighting to their home or business, Tim recommends leaving it to the experts. He pointed out that you can certainly add more light later, but for us, it seemed to work a whole lot better to have Jerry provide us with a couple of options with what he thought would work best and go from there. Jerry has the expertise on it, that is for sure. Also, you are not going to see your return on investment immediately as it’s hard to quantify, but the comments that you will receive are over the top with how many people notice it. It’s helped give the facility a better impression and feels more complete.

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