Landscape Lighting Design: Elkhorn Home with Pond Waterfall Feature

Landscape Lighting Design - Outdoor Pond Waterfall Elkhorn Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

The sound of flowing waterfalls can be universally soothing. Our latest project, this beautiful Elkhorn Sanctuary, has a magnificent pond waterfall feature. The lighting amplifies its nighttime visual appeal and creates a serene setting.

Landscape Lighting Design - Front House Outdoor Security Lighting Elkhorn Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

In the process of building their home and determining the landscape, the owners agreed to have the landscapers install their landscape lighting. A few years later, they hired owner and lighting designer Jerry McKay and team at McKay Landscape Lighting to design and install a new system.

The property has many elements, from the exquisite landscape with a unique variety of trees and plants to the distinctive features including the stone fire pit, swimming pool, and koi pond with waterfalls. The landscape lighting design enhances these characteristics and the beauty of the home while increasing safety on the property.

Landscape Lighting Design - Outdoor Pond Waterfall Elkhorn Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

In the backyard, McKay up lit the trees within the pond area to give an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. An underwater light shines on each waterfall with a few spot lights shining directly at them. Underwater lights also illuminate the koi fish.

"The multiple light sources make the space more intriguing and create interesting effects on the water. It's a nice focal point of the backyard, and the homeowners can enjoy it from their patio," McKay says.

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Landscape Lighting Design: Outdoor Patio Lighting Elkhorn Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting
Outdoor Patio Lighting Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

The property has newer trees and mature trees along a creek in the backyard. The beautiful annuals on the berms add undulation in the landscape. McKay says, "We have light shining down from the mature trees to moonlight the garden area and hostas, we also up lit some select mature trees."

Landscape Lighting Design: Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting Elkhorn Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting

For the fire pit area featured here, copper light sconces complement the stonework and softly illuminate the area, making it safer at night. The light shines on the stonework to give the space an aesthetically pleasing look.

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Outdoor Home Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

The property has an added side front porch. "It was rather dark in this area. We installed mini downlights over the soffits to softly illuminate the area, make it safer, and more user friendly," McKay said.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design:  Outdoor Security Lighting Elkhorn Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

The front of the home has grand architectural features. McKay incorporated fixtures that matched the proportions of the home. Solid copper and brass bollards illuminate the front entrance and driveway to create an inviting ambiance and guide guests.

"Another interesting aspect of this project, the customer wanted to camouflage the transformers," McKay said. "The owner was very involved in the project. He had them electrostatically painted to the exact color of the house and then adhered matching stone. It's the most remarkable concealment of a transformer I've ever seen."

Landscape Lighting Design: Yard & Tree Lighting Elkhorn Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

“Now, the homeowners have a lighting design that makes their place look remarkable at night, and it eliminates all the frustrations they were having with the older system," says McKay. "We talked about maintenance, and they enrolled in our quarterly maintenance program to help keep it looking and performing its best year-round.”

Watch the video tour below or go to the gallery to see more photos of this stunning home. 

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The dedicated team at McKay Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your home and property. Once your design is complete, you can count on our team of experts to install it and keep it looking good for years to come with any of our maintenance programs.

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