The McKay Difference: Outdoor Lighting Value


Omaha Landscape LightingOne of the most important aspects of a  McKay Landscape Lighting design is bringing value to the homeowner through a beautiful outdoor lighting system.  A professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system represents a significant investment in your home and property.

Just like any other investment in your home, you receive the benefits of what you pay for.  Investing in cheap fixtures or trusting other discount installers may seem an easy decision but a solid investment in your home today will pay off in the years to come. McKay's high quality fixtures, expert installation and lifetime warranties on transformers will assure that your home will shine bright at night for many years to come.

The lifetime warranty on transformers will leave you with peace of mind that if there are any problems with your system, McKay will provide a brand new transformer free of charge. Our fixtures come from the best manufacturers in the United States and are made with the highest quality materials available.  Couple this with McKay's annual service program and your system will shine brightly night after night.

While high quality materials are extremely important, the design and installation are an integral part of a high value system. Our installation crews are professionally trained to install fixtures and transformers so that they will stand the test of time.  Other outdoor lighting companies simply do not have the experience or training to install McKay-caliber system. At McKay, we are confident that we will provide an expert installation that you can be proud of and will feel that you received a strong value for the investment that you made in your home.

A new outdoor lighting system is a significant investment in your home.  There are inexpensive, easy ways of installing a new system, but unfortunately those systems do not last and often have continuing problems.  McKay will put your mind at ease that you are not only receiving the highest quality products, but also receiving a professional installation.  If you are looking for a great investment in your home, please contact McKay at (402) 289-3424 or info@mckaylighting and one of our designers will work with you to create a finished product that you will be proud of.

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