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One of a homeowner's biggest fears is the possibility of an intrusion happening during the night, but often this can be prevented with outdoor security lighting.  Families can spend countless dollars on in-home security systems to keep their peace of mind, yet may still go to bed with a slight fear that their home is not fully secure.  There always seems to be a small chance that a criminal could target your home. That fear is quite warranted considering there are approximately 2.2 million home burglaries every year. 

Homeowners are always looking for a way to assure that a break-in will not happen at their house.  The best way to encourage a potential intruder is to provide a home without outdoor security lighting.

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When potential areas for break-in are well lit, the likelihood for a break-in decreases dramatically as criminals are searching for a dark property. A McKay Landscape Lighting system will help to provide this outdoor security lighting for your home and yard and create peace of mind for you and your family.

While the first priority of every McKay design is to aesthetically enhance the exterior of your home and property, our designers always keep security in mind in their design.  By strategically lighting doorways, paths, and other dark areas, your entire property will become much safer after the sun sets.  With the days getting shorter, it is a great time to still enjoy being outside at night and a McKay system will also contribute to your own safety outside.

If security is on your mind, an outdoor lighting system with security in mind could be a great investment in your home.

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Our dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your property. From design to installation to service, you can count on our team of experts to make sure you are happy with your lighting system for years to come. 

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