Project Spotlight: Elegant Outdoor Security Lighting Design


Elegant Security Lighting with Curb Appeal Omaha, Nebraska | Learn more about this project installed by McKay Landscape Lighting

With spring on the horizon, everyone in our office is looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. In anticipation of spring and summer, we are so thrilled to share a recent outdoor security lighting design with you. The outdoor lighting not only enhances the aesthetics of this beautiful home in Elkhorn after the sun sets but it also amps up the curb appeal and increases the overall security. 

Our landscape lighting designer, Andrew (AJ) Coleman, started working with the homeowners and their home builder during the early stages of planning the construction of their new home. It was important that the low-voltage outdoor lighting design complemented the high-voltage exterior soffit lighting for an elegant comprehensive look. Increasing the home's overall security was equally important.

Learn more about this outdoor security lighting design in Elkhorn, Nebraska by McKay Landscape Lighting

The home builder shared his vision for light during the initial meeting. Together, they worked on the placement of the soffit lights and AJ worked on the low-voltage landscape lighting design. 

The low-voltage outdoor security lighting needed to illuminate the dark areas where the soffit lighting cannot reach. In the front of the house, we installed well lights and a couple of uplights to highlight the stonework and peeks. On the right-hand side, under the window, a microflood light was installed to get the stonework and remove a dark area. Lighting dark areas deter potential intruders from getting onto your property and gaining access to your home. 

Residential Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska | Learn more about this outdoor security lighting design by McKay Landscape Lighting

Along the walkway, we installed path lights in the front landscape beds and near the front steps of the home.

The garage is a prominent portion of the home. Lighting this area helps create balance and it's an easy way to add unique curb appeal. Additionally, a potential intruder could see a dark garage as an opportunity. | Learn more about this garage lighting design by McKay Landscpae Lighting

The garage is a prominent portion of the home. Lighting this area helps create balance and it's an easy way to add unique curb appeal. Additionally, a potential intruder could see a dark garage as an opportunity.

We wanted the garage lighting to match the front of the home, eliminate dark spots, and provide function. There's a keypad to get into the garage that needed to have adequate light as well. 

Well lights were installed into the concrete at the base the garage columns to illuminate the peek and highlight the stonework. It creates a clean look and has less shadowing and glare than coach lights. We worked with the contractor and concrete company to coordinate a time to install the well lights.

"Landscape lighting doesn't have to be elaborate, it can be real simple and to the point. We kept this design fairly simple and it handles a lot of things. It's making the home look more aesthetically pleasing and handles some common security issues. The different light sources help make the stonework stand out." - AJ Coleman

If you're interested in outdoor security lighting but not sure how to make it work with your soffit lights, you can schedule a free consultation online with one of our designers. We'd be happy to meet and discuss your outdoor lighting needs. 

The dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom lighting design that's unique to your property. Once your design is complete, you can count on our team of experts to install it and keep it looking good for years to come.


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