Residential Outdoor Security Lighting: Keeping your Home Safe at Night



One of the most important aspects of any outdoor lighting system is the security aspect. Proper exterior lighting helps make a home welcoming and friendly while discouraging unwelcome intruders from lingering. Homes without security measures, such as alarms and outdoor lighting, are up to 300% more likely to be vandalized. 

Before and after pictures are perhaps the most effective way to show the importance an outdoor lighting system can have on the overall security of a home. It's possible to have beautiful security lighting that protects your property and your family.

Here are a few key aspects to residential security lighting:
  • Adequately lighting paths and steps: this will keep homeowners and guests safer at night by preventing trips and falls
  • Install lights by all exterior doors: highlighting entry and exit points allows you to see who's coming and going
  • Lighting dark areas: eliminates areas for intruders to hide

There is a relatively low likelihood an intruder will ever enter your yard, but it remains important to be 100 percent confident that you are doing everything possible to ensure that your home and property are safe.

For homeowners who want to amp up the overall security of their home, you can light the entire area of your home. Adequately lighting the parameter, even the sides, leaves no dark areas for an intruder to hide. You can rest easy knowing that your outdoor lighting is doing its part to keep your home safe.

Residential Architectural Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska

There's an art to blending security into the aesthetic aspect of a lighting design. Low-voltage landscape lighting allows homeowners to experience an elevated level of security. Too often, high-powered commercial lighting floods a property with light taking away from the home's natural beauty.

Security lighting doesn't need to be harsh or startling. As a dedicated landscape lighting firm, we are expertly equipped to consider both beauty and safety. Our designers will work with you to develop a custom lighting design that will strike the perfect blend of security and beautiful aesthetics.  When we are done lighting your home, you can rest assured that your home is as safe as possible.

Have questions or want to discuss your security lighting needs? Please don't hesitate to contact us or schedule a free consultation with a designer today. 

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