Residential Security Lighting: Then and Now


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After being in the landscape lighting industry for 25 years, we've seen how it has evolved and changed over time. Besides some of the technology advancements, how homeowners use their lights has changed too.

An important aspect for many homeowners is the security that a well designed and installed landscape lighting system brings. Not only does it give homeowners a sense of assurance at night whether they're outside using their property or not, but it deters potential intruders from breaking in.

Home security statistics indicate burglars are more likely to bypass homes that require too much effort. A well-lit property makes it more difficult for an unwanted person to get onto your yard and access your home unseen, thereby deterring the potential intruder. We've heard this and similar statistics from the Omaha police department as well as security experts we've worked with over the years.

When we first started lighting homes in 1992, most homeowners would leave their landscape lights on for only a couple of hours. Having the lights turn off as they went to bed or shortly after.

Now, it's more common for homeowners to leave their lights on throughout the night until shortly before sunrise. At McKay Lighting, we've worked with homeowners to designate different "zones" of light. You could have a security lighting zone that stays on from dusk until dawn, while other zones that provide less security - maybe areas that focus more on enjoyment or entertainment - turn off earlier.


If you're concerned about the security of your home, walk your property at night to look for any dark spots where an intruder could hide and consider adding light there. The most common areas you'll want to light are the front entry, garage area, and any other points of entry. If you'd like a professional security assessment, our designers are here to help. Besides our years of experience lighting for security, we've worked with Omaha's top security experts.

Residential security lighting doesn't have to be harsh and startling. Low-voltage landscape lighting emits a soft glow that's effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our team of designers will work with you to create a custom security lighting design that's unique to your home and property. Contact us or schedule a free consultation online to discuss your security lighting needs today!

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Our dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your property. From design to installation to service, you can count on our team of experts to make sure you are happy with your lighting system for years to come. 

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