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Everyone wants their home to be a safe place, free from crime, theft, and other unwanted mischief. One measure to amp up your home's security involves adding light to the exterior of your home. In fact, homes without security measures such as alarms and outdoor lighting are up to 300% more likely to be vandalized.

Home security statistics tell us that burglars will usually bypass a house if it requires too much effort. Adding light will make it more difficult for them to get onto your property and access your home unseen, thereby deterring potential intruders from making your home their next target.

Motion sensors that give sudden blasts of harsh light (which, in our opinion, is not the best option because an intruder must be on your property before turning on), flood lights, along with other measures are what many people think of when considering residential security lighting. But it doesn't have to be this way. Lighting your residence can bring together beauty and the function of security, giving you peace of mind. To kick-off our landscape lighting planning tips and ideas, we're starting with residential security lighting.

tips for adding security lighting to your home:

1.   First, you'll want to complete a security analysis of your home's exterior:

Grab a pen and pad of paper (or use this checklist) and walk your property at night - even if you already have outdoor security lights installed - and look for areas that might be vulnerable. Thieves will look for easy access points, so make note of any dark spots, ways they could get into your home, or hide on your property.

Start in the front of your home and work your way around to the sides, back, and all the way back to the front. Check all doors, sliding doors, windows, window wells, trees close to the home, anywhere someone could possibly get in or hide without being seen. Donʼt forget about your driveway, garage, or carport.

Adding light to these areas will make it more difficult for them to attempt a break-in.

If you are looking to hire a landscape lighting professional for your outdoor lighting needs, the designer will walk your property with you during the consultation to develop a home security analysis and discuss different lighting options.

Residential Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska

2.   Also, analyze your view from the inside of your home:

You'll also want to analyze your viewing angles looking from the inside out to the front, back, and side yard. What's it like when you look outside? Is it completely dark? If someone were to walk onto your property or an intruder was hiding somewhere, would they been seen?

Home Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska

3.   Consider the outer perimeter of your property:

If you have a large property or acreage, you might want to consider lighting the perimeter of your yard or property, especially if you have lots of trees or a wooded area where someone could potentially hide. Lighting the perimeter makes it even more difficult for a potential intruder to get onto your property, and even more difficult for them to get near your home.

outdoor security lighting omaha nebraska

4.   Light dark the areas around your home:

Now that you have a good idea where all the vulnerable areas of your home are, you can start adding light by up-lighting, down lighting, or using path lights. If your front entrance is dark, up-lighting front columns or other architectural features will not only accent the beauty of your home, but will also add security. For dark paths and walkways around or between the house and garage, you can use path lights, down lights, or a combination of both.

Light dark areas outside of the home to boost security

Statistics show that corner homes are more vulnerable to burglary, because they are often easier to access and typically have fewer immediate neighbors. Homes without a fenced yard can add security by lighting the sides of the home. Up-lighting trees will add some ambient light out into the yard, or you can downlight dark corners or otherwise dark areas from a large tree.

Exterior Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska

5.   Utilize having your system controlled by timers:

Consider having your lighting system setup to be controlled by timers. With a timer you can set the time your lights come on and turn off every day. This makes your home appear to be occupied if your out of town for long periods of time, our just for the evening.

Intruders prefer homes that are easy to access, but a home that is beautifully lit each night will deter anyone looking to intrude or trespass onto your property. Architectural lighting brings together beauty and the function of security, safeguarding your home and family. For more information on how to boost your home's security see Omaha Police Department Residential Burglary Prevention flyer here.

If you have any questions about security lighting or would like to discuss your lighting needs, please feel free to contact us or schedule a free consultation online, and we’ll contact you to set it up.

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