Winter Outdoor Lighting Maintenance


Low Voltage Outdoor LightingWith this year's early onset of winter, it can be easy to forget that your outdoor lighting system needs to be serviced.  Winter weather has the potential to cause problems in outdoor lighting systems.  Sometimes moisture getting in wires and fixtures simply cannot be avoided. The cold adds another difficult dimension to keeping lights burning throughout the night.

McKay Lighting works hard to make sure that our systems shine throughout the year.  Of course there are times in winter where problems may appear. Our professionally trained service technicians work throughout the year to make sure that the system works well throughout all four seasons.  By checking all bulbs and the transformer, our service technicians will make sure that your home's lighting system shines bright even through the snow on the ground.

Winter outdoor lighting maintenance may not seem to be a very high priority in the colder months of the year.  However, a McKay system is designed not only to make your property look great during the summer months, but also look great when the temperature is below freezing and all of the leaves have fallen off the trees.

It is also important to note that the nights are much longer during the winter months and so your outdoor lighting system will be on a few more hours than it would be during the summer.  A properly functioning system will make your home safer at night by preventing potential intruders and also much safer for you as you avoid ice and snow around the steps leading to your home.

Outdoor lighting maintenance is important during all times of the year.  Don't wait for the busy time of spring to get your home's outdoor lighting in check.  Winter outdoor lighting maintenance, while it may not seem important, is a way to make sure that your home will look great throughout the year.

If you are interested in a McKay Lighting service technician visiting your home and making sure that your system is in full working order, visit the service page of our website or simply call our office at 402.289.3424 to set up a service call to make sure that your outdoor lighting system looks great in the winter months.

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