To protect your investment, we offer annual, bi-annual, and quarterly maintenance programs including a hassle-free automatic renewal option, so you won’t have to worry about requesting service with us each year. The following is a guide to help you determine the best program for your property and needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more or if you need help selecting a program. 


Recommended for properties with less than 40 fixtures. Once a year we'll visit your property to perform service. 

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Recommended for properties with more than 40 fixtures. Twice a year we'll visit your property to perform service.

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Recommended for properties with more than 80 fixtures. Four times a year we'll visit your property to perform service. 

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Save time, money, and more importantly, peace of mind

Enrolling in one of our maintenance service programs will not only save you time but also money. Otherwise, you'll incur a service call fee, plus of the cost of bulbs for each visit and we can not guarantee the bulbs. When you join a maintenance program, our experienced service technician performs the following: 

Bulb Replacement

Over the life of a bulb, its brightness tends to diminish. Burned out bulbs or using the wrong bulb can negatively impact your system. We inspect and only replace faulty LED bulbs under warranty OR replace ALL of your halogen bulbs.   

Realign Fixtures

Ever-growing tree and plant roots underneath the surface can push fixtures upwards. We make sure your fixtures are properly aligned and situated into the ground, lighting what's important.


Clean Fixtures & Lenses

Dirt, debris, and mineral deposits can build up and make your lights appear dimmer than normal. We thoroughly clean your fixtures and lenses. 

Inspect Photocells & Transformers

We'll inspect and make certain no little critters are preventing your photocells or transformers from properly working.

Check & Reset Timers

Some timers can lose time, need adjusting as the seasons change, or battery replacement. We'll assure your timer is properly functioning and turning on and off at the correct times.


Thorough Performance Checks

We also run thorough performance checks to affirm your system is performing and working its best.

Complete Any Necessary Repairs

If any repairs are needed, we'll complete them to help prevent any major problems from occurring in the future.

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“Thanks for your quick response to replace one of our lights. It is nice to have folks who care and who value customer service. Good job!” – Fritz. N., Elkhorn, Nebraska



You always have the McKay 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Our maintenance programs are designed to help ensure the longevity, functionality, and reliability of your lighting system. When you enroll, each bulb is then guaranteed for one year. If they fail, you can give us a call and we'll promptly take care of it. Our system will let our team know of any past repairs that have been performed or any pending service that’s needed.