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McKay Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

We Ensure Your Lights Shine Bright.

Landscape lighting requires periodic maintenance to maintain its beauty and functionality. We understand your time is valuable. To ensure your outdoor lighting is reliable and performing flawlessly, we are committed to a continued partnership with our Annual Service Program.

Our Annual Service Program means that we return to your home once a year to give your lighting system a thorough performance check, including the replacement of every bulb. We are also able to reset timers, reconfigure fixtures, and repair any damage if necessary. Each bulb is then guaranteed for another full year.

You always have the McKay 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Annual Service Program will not only save you time, but also the cost of a service call fee per visit to replace burned out bulbs. If you do not elect to join our Annual Service Program, normal service fees and cost of bulbs will be charged each time we come to your home. Timer resets, electrical issues, and system repairs or modifications, are not covered under the Annual Service Program.


If you are in need of outdoor lighting maintenance, please fill out the form below. Or call us at 402.289.3424.




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