Fixture Spotlight: Commercial Building Lighting


McKay Landscape Lighting recently completed a commercial outdoor lighting design at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Omaha, Nebraska. The historic school building is five stories high and required unique fixtures to properly illuminate all of its architectural features. 

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American Flag Landscape Lighting Requirements


Flag Day is coming up on June 14. It is a day to honor the American Flag and what it represents. There are certain lighting requirements when the American flag is flown throughout the night. Our friends at NatureScape Lighting in New Jersey wrote a blog post sharing the following rules regarding...

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for More Enjoyable Summer Nights


It's starting to feel more like summer in Omaha. Entertaining in your outdoor living space, unwinding under the trees, and creating memories by the pool are a huge part of what makes summer so great. And a little bit of extra light comes in handy once the sun starts to go down.


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Tips for Hiring an Outdoor Lighting Company


It's an excellent time to start a project with an outdoor lighting company, just before summer, giving you plenty of time to get more use out of your space while deterring potential intruders. However, it's important to remember to do some research before hiring a company to complete work at...

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McKay Lighting's Halogen to LED Conversion Mentioned in Two Publications


McKay Landscape Lighting is excited to share that it was featured in the April issue of two publications. Both magazines feature photos from a recent halogen to LED conversion in Omaha, Nebraska. The landscape lighting design was originally installed by McKay Lighting in 2000. Last year, the...

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Fixture Spotlight: Unique Path Lights


Working with our clients to come up with unique outdoor lighting design ideas to fit their personal style is what we enjoy about what we do. Today’s blog post was inspired by a client who wanted something other than the traditional path light fixtures to illuminate the front walkway leading up...

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Friday Favorites: Pool Landscape Lighting


It's not quite summer yet, but now that the weekend is here and warm weather is in the forecast... lounging by the pool with a cold drink is on the list of things to do. Landscape lighting around a pool extends the summer fun into the evening. It provides a unique ambiance and makes hazardous...

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Landscape Lighting Trees


In honor of Arbor Day and its 145th anniversary today, we wanted to write a feature on landscape lighting trees. Trees provide numerous benefits to the environment and a home. When properly lit at night, they expand the premises of your property, increase security, and boost curb appeal.

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Friday Favorites: Outdoor Fireplace Lighting


Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here and with chilly nights like these, who wouldn't want to spend the evening near a cozy outdoor fireplace. Today we're sharing some of our favorite outdoor fireplace lighting projects from our portfolioKeep scrolling to see the photos and if you'd like...

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Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips: Mulching


Mulching has its advantages. It's beneficial to the plant material and aesthetically pleasing. But, mulching can sometimes cause problems to a landscape lighting system. Today we wanted to address some common problems and provide tips for keeping your system properly working. 

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