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Landscape lighting technology has changed over the past few years. Halogen once was the reliable and preferred choice, but it will soon be phased out since it's not nearly as efficient as LED lighting. The advancements in LED landscape lighting technology has made it the preferred choice as it provides the following benefits:

- High Efficiency: Up to about 85% less energy, sometimes more. Switching from halogen to LED will conserve energy.
- Enhanced Lighting Effect: Better illumination and ability to control light spread.
- Longer Bulb Life: Most LED bulbs have 50,000 hours or a 5-year warranty. Whereas most halogen bulbs have 5,000 hours.
- Savings: Over time, the energy savings will pay for the upfront investment.

Switching from a halogen to LED can be relatively simple depending on the age and type of fixtures installed. Some fixtures can be retrofitted to hold a LED bulb while older fixtures will need to be upgraded to ensure it's watertight and prevent any potential problems. Due to this complexity, we offer free LED Conversion Assessments.

When you schedule an assessment with McKay Lighting, one of our designers will evaluate your current lighting system and then develop a plan for converting it to LED. Schedule your free LED Lighting Conversion Assessment now to find out how you can enjoy the enhanced look and benefits of LED. 

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