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During the month of April, we are honored and excited to be featured in a local and a few national publications. Keep reading to learn more about each article...  | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha Nebraska

We are honored and excited to share that McKay Lighting was  featured in a local and a few national publications during the month of April. Keep reading to learn more about each article... 

McKay Landscape Lighting builds off record year with historic and out-of-town projects - Midlands Business Journal 

Last time we talked to Michelle Leach at Midlands Business Journal we were getting ready to celebrate our 25th year in business.  She was interested to hear what transpired during our milestone year. 

Andrew J. "AJ" Coleman mentioned, "McKay had a historic year last year. It started off with the big Duchesne project, which leaped us forward on to something of a scale..." Completing the large-scale commercial project opened up opportunities for similar projects, like the one we just finished in the Blackstone District. In the article, Coleman mentioned, "We did a lot of flush-mount lights and tried to highlight its character." 

Besides expanding our commercial work, we had a few out-of-town residential projects (including this private island escape) and began offering a new service converting halogen landscape lighting systems to LED.

LED technology has improved over the years. "It's brighter and they [LED bulbs] last longer. When LED was first designed, it was a blue hue." Regarding the color temperature of today's LED bulbs, Coleman describes, "their use of "warmer hues," which makes a "stark difference" that complements the character of the home aesthetically but is also safer when looking through video technology/for security reasons." 

"We've always been big proponents of quality light and putting the light in the right space," Coleman said. "We're not fixture salesmen; we're here to design a system that's customized to their property. 

We had so much fun catching up with Michelle. You can read the full article in the April 27, 2018 edition of the Midlands Business Journal.

Exterior Stair Lighting Educational Facility Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DA 01

Lighting up History - Landscape Architect & Specifier News

A couple of months ago, we were interviewed by Landscape Architect & Specifier News for our work at Duchesne Academy. To give you an overview, here are a few paragraphs from the article written by the editor, Greg Frank: 

"Because of the school's age, extra caution was taken when installing certain fixtures. McKay and his team wanted to preserve the integrity of the campus, while also providing cost and energy efficient lighting with increase safety throughout. 

This archway (pictured above) was installed over 100 years ago and had some natural decay. It was very important to the installation team that this archway remained intact and undisturbed; therefore, no lights were mounted on either the stairs or archway. The foundation is sandstone. To light this area, conduit was run from the left and right sides, up to the corners of the stairs - but without touching the foundation.

One interesting fact about this job: there were no path lights installed anywhere on the campus. Instead, McKay and the lead project designer, Andrew Coleman, opted to incorporate 18 moonlights to brighten the walkways. The effect highlighted the grandeur of the campus, and encourages pedestrians to look at the building and trees, rather than the path."

You can read the full article online here

Canva Design DAEx3rrbqPw

Aqua Illumination - Landscape Contractor

The water fountain photo shown above was featured in the Aqua Illumination article published in the April issue of Landscape Contractor. The article discusses two main types of underwater lights, fixed mount fixtures and moveable uplights. You can read the article online here.  

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