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McKay Landscape Lighting recently had the opportunity to upgrade the exterior lighting at Dundee Presbyterian Church. It was about 12 years ago when we first illuminated a small portion of the church. The upgrade included converting the halogen system to LED and installing additional lighting to enhance the historic building and perimeter of the church.

Jerry McKay, owner and lighting designer at McKay Lighting, had the opportunity to work with Bob Welk, a Member of the Trustees at Dundee Presbyterian Church, on the original lighting design in 2009 and then again last fall. 

"The church is visible from several different angles, and it's a large property. While we wanted to make the whole church look nice; front, back, and sides, we also added security to the area," McKay explains. "Bob was key. His attention to detail made this a successful project."

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"We had fun doing a few mockups to figure out how we wanted to light the side of the church. There were several different ways to illuminate it, and we chose to uplight the exterior windows and the arches above them."

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Bollard Entrance Lighting 

In addition to the church, the building has offices and other divisions. "We replaced the bollard lights located near the front, handicap, and office doors. The new bollards not only light the paths to improve nighttime safety but also announce the entrances."

Adjusting the Color Temperature

The lighting on the church and throughout the property had different color temperatures. "Another unique aspect of this upgrade, we matched the color temperature on the sconces and other existing 120 volt fixtures to the landscape lighting. Having the same color temperature gives the property an even and unified appearance."

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Memorial Garden and Tree 

Near the church, there is a small memorial garden and tree dedicated to Judith Welk. She was known for her artwork and ability to capture the memories of local landmarks and neighborhoods, like this illustration of Dundee Presbyterian Church. You can view more of her work here

Nighttime Walkthroughs 

Welk and McKay met at night to walk through the property. "We wanted to make it look magnificent. Walking the property at night helped us notice if we needed to highlight another piece of architecture, illuminate a tree, or make any other adjustments to the lighting design."

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"For me, it was extremely rewarding working with Bob Welk. He was a University of Nebraska at Omaha Professor of Dramatic Arts with a specialty in theatrical lighting. The project was a lot of fun because of his superior understanding of lighting. We spoke the same language and created quite a friendship over the years," McKay explains. "This really is Bob's masterpiece, not ours. It has his thumbprint all over it. We are proud to be involved in lighting a historic part of Dundee. It was a memorable project to be a part of." 


Video Tour of the Landscape Lighting Design

Watch the video above or go to the gallery to see more photos of this stunning home. 

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