Project Spotlight: Players Club at Deer Creek


Golf Course Outdoor LightingMcKay Lighting's projects often branch to commercial lighting projects from the normal residential lighting projects. One of our newest installations of this kind of project is at the Players Club at Deer Creek Golf Club in Omaha, NE.

Earlier this year, McKay provided lighting around the pool and clubhouse area making the grounds around the golf course and clubhouse look great at night.  Earlier this fall, McKay added downlighting around the putting green area. Once again, the use of downlighting created a tremendous effect on the grounds and really makes the area glow after the sunset.

One of the main benefits that the Players Club at Deer Creek sees from  a McKay Lighting system is its effectiveness during an evening wedding or other event.  Not only does it make evening wedding pictures possible but also keeps guests safe outside.  There are numerous other social events that go on after the sun sets  that shows off the low-voltage outdoor lighting.

Instead of using commercial-grade lighting that can be so overpowering, The Players Club chose to use softer low-voltage lighting to help bring their property to life after sunset.  The cool lighting of low-voltage lighting creates a very different effect for commercial outside lighting compared to very bright commercial-grade bulbs that create a very bright lighting effect. Low-voltage lights are more easily hidden and provide plenty of light to create a great effect at night.

Commercial Outside LightingThis kind of lighting is not limited to simply commercial lighting, but can also be applied to other large property projects.  Often very large properties use commercial-grade lamps that provide very bright lights that cover huge distances.  Low-voltage lighting can be just as effective at making the property both looking great at night as well as safe.

This project represents just one of the growing number of commercial outside lighting jobs that McKay has been working on.  While residential lighting certainly remains our specialty, the growing demand for these types of projects has given McKay the opportunity to showcase our lighting designs and installations in a unique way. To learn more about our commercial and large property lighting, view our visit our website by clicking here.

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