Commercial Wall Lighting: Unique Lighting at Commercial Properties



Castle Creek Commercial Entrance Lighting Omaha Ne McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha NE 01There are many unique advantages of lighting an outdoor wall surrounding a homeowner's property.  Of course, many homes will not have a prominent wall surrounding their property.  However, many commercial properties highlight walls to feature aspects of their business all around the city. Large walls provide security and also improves the overall look commercial properties. Wall lighting can improve both the security and the aesthetics of the structure.

Often, commercial walls will be lit by overpowering high-voltage lighting.  This commercial lighting overpowers the wall and the surrounding area.  The high-powered lights flood the area, blinding passersby as they glance toward the wall. Instead of using high-powered commercial lighting, McKay uses low-voltage lighting, providing a soft light on the wall. This type of low-voltage commercial wall lighting allows the wall to be adequately lit, but it allows the wall to look great at night.  Whether the wall is brick, stucco or a metal fence, McKay will make it look spectacular at night by bringing light to nuances within the wall that high-powered lights would otherwise overpower the structure.

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Low-voltage commercial wall lighting will also bring an improved sense of overall security. By eliminating potential dark spots around the entire area, a lighting system will eliminate potentially unsafe areas. Not only will the entire property look great, but it will also be much safer as would-be intruders are encouraged to move on to less-lit areas. Creating a wall of low-voltage lighting will keep dark areas lit, but with a soft glow instead of an overpowering flood of white light.

Similar to residential wall lighting, McKay's designers are experts on determining the correct spacing at light wattage to make sure that the wall will look great.  Using their many years of experience, McKay designers will work with you to make sure that your vision is met when designing your commercial wall lighting project.

Looking to Enhance Your Property?

Our dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your property. From design to installation to service, you can count on our team of experts to make sure you are happy with your lighting system for years to come. 

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