Specialty Lighting Spotlight: Lighted Sculptures


Specialty Lighting

Specialty lighting has become an important aspect to any new lighting system and McKay's lighted sculptures will bring a unique flavor to your property.  These fixtures, specially designed for McKay will help illuminate your outdoor living area and bring an artistic element to your yard!

Like our handblown glass globes, each lighted sculpture is different and unique.  They emit enough light to provide a gentle light along paths and driveways to keep your home gently illuminated at night.  The finish on the fixtures is a natural rust that perfectly complements other McKay fixtures on your property. Each sculpture is truly a work of art that will provide a gentle light on your property

McKay has used these unique fixtures in a number of ways in our signature designs.  They look great lighting a path or a driveway but can also be used in a stand-alone fashion that  will focus the attention on the beauty of the design of the fixture. As always, McKay will listen to your needs and preferences in placing these fixtures where you think they will make your home shine at night.

These lighted sculptures also come in a number of different shapes and sizes.  Small beacons provide light from close to the ground and are not as easily noticed, but they provide light on paths without being easily notices. On the other hand, taller fixtures will provide more light to larger areas of ground and their design intricacies will be easily noticed.

Of course, each lighted sculpture comes with a McKay lifetime warranty that will give you peace of mind that your unique lighted sculptures will shine brightly for many years to come! To see more pictures of McKay's lighted sculptures or to check out some more of our specialty lighting fixtures check out our Specialty Lighting Gallery. We are confident that you will love the unique artistic component that our lighted sculptures will bring to your property.

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Our dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your property. From design to installation to service, you can count on our team of experts to make sure you are happy with your lighting system for years to come. 

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