Subtle Outdoor Deck Railing and Stair Lighting Ideas


Deck Post Lighting Ideas Omaha Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

Memorial Day is on the horizon, and what better way to spend your holiday evening than outdoors? Adding outdoor lighting to your deck can transform it into an outdoor room for all evening enjoyment. Proper deck lighting will not only increase the functionality of your space but also make it safer at night. Illuminating commonly used walkways and steps will help you and your guests avoid trips and falls.

Deck Lighting Omaha Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

Deck Railing Lighting Ideas 

This particular deck has black railings, and we custom matched the fixture to the deck. The fixture is hardly noticeable -- day or night! As you can see, the small fixtures blend in with the deck and provide the perfect amount of light at night! It highlights the deck perimeter, providing safety for the homeowners and their guests.

Deck Railing Lighting Omaha Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

Another popular option involves a slightly different custom deck lighting fixture. It also blends and fits nicely onto the railing of a deck. At another property, the deck lighting, pictured below, softly illuminates the floor and stairs while the perfect ambiance for enjoying the wonderful scenic views. You can see another example on this white deck

Deck Post Lighting Ideas Omaha Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

If your deck is a commonly used area to entertain, cook, dine, or simply relax under the starts, it shouldn't be an afterthought. Subtlety is the key to great deck lighting. Too much light can overwhelm a deck and take away from your outdoor experience. 

Deck Lighting Installation 

At McKay Landscape Lighting, our deck lighting options are custom matched to the deck and barely noticeable during the day. We pride ourselves on installing sleek and cleanly installed landscape lighting systems, decks included. After talking to many people, we understand the concern of how your deck lighting will look during the day. It's always our goal to provide light with minimal interference to the look of your property. Watch the video below to see how our team installs deck lighting at a home in Omaha, Nebraska. 


Deck Stair Lighting

This fixture also works well to illuminate deck stairs, providing safe nighttime access to and from the backyard. Deck stairs can be very dangerous when not properly illuminated. Adding lights to stairs will increase the safety of you and your guests at night. Again, the fixture can be installed with minimal disruption to the look of your deck while providing plenty of light at night. At this property, three properly placed fixtures provided the perfect amount of light to the staircase.

Deck Stair Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting 07

If your deck is without lighting, consider the safety and enhanced look it could provide you. Not only will you be able to enjoy your deck long into the evening hours, but deck lighting will also provide you peace of mind when entertaining guests at night

deck stair lighting omaha nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting B 07

To discuss your deck lighting needs, set up a free consultation online with one of our skilled designers today. Adding deck lighting to your deck can really impact the time you spend outdoors this summer! 

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