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With Summer quickly fading, and Fall fast approaching, an outdoor fire feature with an inviting seating area is a great way to keep the Summer atmosphere alive. When creating a lighting design to highlight outdoor fireside spaces, it's important to utilize fixtures that not only bring warmth to your area, but also provide just the right amount of light and safety for you and your guests.

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Seat Wall Lighting

Seat Wall Lighting is a great way to utilize lighting around areas that your guests frequently sit and relax. With a sleek and minimal design, this fixture is perfect to install under caps and along steps to showcase beautiful hardscapes. Whether it's by the pool, next to a firepit, or anywhere that you would like to highlight unique aspects of your backyard, seat wall lights are the perfect fixture to use. 

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Well Lights

Well Lights are a great way to illuminate specific features within your outdoor living area. McKay Landscape Lighting is able to install these fixtures flush along hardscapes and concrete, providing a safe and subtle way to showcase various features on your property. The well lights shown above softly highlight the stonework on the outdoor fireplace that would otherwise go unseen at night. 

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Cascade Lights

Cascade Lights are an excellent way of creating the perfect combination of ambiance and safety when it comes to outdoor seating and fireside lighting. They are able to be provide exceptional illumination for walkways and walls in a stylish, yet rugged design. Cascade lights can be installed flush on stonework to provide a visible walkway at night. The light the the cascades put out provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy by the fire. 

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