Halogen Bulbs: The McKay Lighting Difference


Halogen Bulbs

The subject of bulbs is something that can often get overlooked in the installation of a new McKay job. The types of halogen bulbs that McKay uses are of the highest quality and under our annual service contract are guaranteed for a full year.

McKay Lighting uses fixtures that allow our service technicians to easily change the bulbs.  McKay Lighting uses a number of different halogen bulbs with different wattages in our projects.  Some lights require more powerful light so McKay designers use higher-watt bulbs.  Others require softer light so use bulbs that provide lower-wattage.

Halogen bulbs also have different spreads that allow the light to spread in different ways.  In some bulbs, the spread is more focused for accent lighting that lights specific objects.  Other bulbs have spreads that are larger and more spread out that allow the light to hit a larger object or area.

There are a number of different forms of bulbs that McKay uses in our projects.  Fixtures like the one pictured above use MR-16 bulbs that provide brighter light and average spread to provide light to larger areas from the ground. Other bulbs, called bi-pins are used in path lights to provide softer lighting for a large spread of area, such as paths or sidewalks.  Obviously, some of our specialty lights use special halogen bulbs.

Obviously, not all of the light bulbs that McKay uses are halogen bulbs.  Some of our newest projects use LED bulbs that provide different kinds of lighting. Of course, LED light bulbs are also more energy efficient than normal halogen bulbs. While LED bulbs are more expensive than halogen bulbs but will burn out slower.

McKay Lighting uses halogen bulbs from the highest-quality manufacturers and our service technicians are specially trained to install the bulbs. If your bulbs are burned out on your landscape lighting system, contact McKay Lighting's service coordinators and schedule a service call.  You can also sign up through our website at the following link:  McKay Lighting Service.

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