Hand-Blown Glass Orbs: Adding Unique Color To Your Property


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One of McKay's most unique fixtures is our hand-blown glass orbs. These luminaires have become more popular because of their modern look and versatile uses. Homeowners have come up with unique ways to utilize these fixtures and McKay has made the installations work in these unique settings.

These colorful fixtures represent a distinctly different feel from typical McKay luminaires. These orbs aren't meant to add safety or to provide a large spread of light to a dark area. Instead, they add a unique flair to a property by adding different colors and a different focal point on the property. They can be installed to provide light to a dark garden area or can be displayed prominently as a unique piece of art.

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These hand-blown glass orbs are specially designed and manufactured for McKay. Just like all of McKay's fixtures, they are of the highest quality and will last for many many years. The glass is weather-proof and will not fade in rain or snow and will not be affected by intense heat or cold. And of course, McKay lighting technicians will expertly install these fixtures, hiding all wiring and expertly placing the fixtures maximizing the aesthetic beauty, all while carefully taking into account the preferences of the homeowner.

As previously mentioned, the uses for these hand-blow glass orbs are endless and often homeowners have unique visions for their use. Typically, the globes are installed on the ground in flowerbeds or other similar areas. However, a unique application of these globes is hanging them from a pergola, as noted in this post. The globes can even be floating in a pond or installed within a tree stump. McKay has years of experience installing the fixtures and can work with you to give you the unique look that you want.

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These fixtures come in a few unique sizes. Many small, different fixtures can be used in one area, or one large globe can be utilized to bring a space to life. If you are interested in learning more about these hand-blown glass fixtures, contact one of McKay's lighting designers to discuss potential uses of the fixture on your property.

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