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Lighting water features is an important aspect to consider when providing a lighting design to a property.  Often, high-voltage lights are used on water features and create an overpowering effect at night. Instead, McKay uses low-voltage lighting to create a softer light that makes the running water look great at night.

McKay uses a number of different design tactics to make sure that your water feature looks tremendous once the sun has set. Often, McKay will use downlighting around a water feature to shine on the water from above. The effect on the running water shining from above will adequately light the water.

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Sometimes downlighting will not be an option on a water feature.  In these cases, McKay will use submersible lighting to provide light to the feature.  These high quality lights will not fill with water and will last the life of the water feature.  These lights will use shadowing to make the water feature visually appealing. Different wattage can be used to light different sizes of features as well.

In designing a project, McKay will work with the homeowner to determine if the lighting feature is the main feature of the landscape. If the water feature is the main feature, more light will be allocated to the feature to make sure that it really stands out. If the feature is not as important, then McKay will still provide soft lighting on the feature to enhance safety and aesthetic beauty. Even if the feature is not the focal point of the landscape, it will still be softly lit and look great at night.

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Like many other fixtures, McKay will work to hide the fixtures as much as possible so they are not easily seen during the day. Hiding fixtures behind rocks or shrubs and aiming the light at the feature provides a unique light while making sure the fixture is not seen during the day. Avoiding glare is also an important aspect for a lighting design.

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