How to Accent Trees with Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighitng trees adds curb appeal and expands the premises of your property

In honor of Arbor Day, we wanted to feature some different ways you can beautifully accent the trees in your yard with landscape lighting. Trees provide numerous benefits to the environment and home. When properly lit at night, they expand the premises of your property, increase security, and boost curb appeal.

Trees are generally classified as coniferous (pine or bearing cones) or deciduous (falling leaves). The type of tree, its age, and how you use your property are some key factors a lighting professional considers when developing a design. Today, we'll focus on some popular techniques for these two groups.

Landscape Lighting Coniferous Trees

In the photo below, a cool white LED bulb creates a subtle and natural enhancement of the blue spruce's color at night. The bulb's cool undertones provide enough enhancement to add contrast and interest. Too much color can create an unnatural and over-saturated look.

A cool white LED landscape lighting bulb creates a subtle and natural way to enhance a blue spruce's color at nightView More Photos of this Beautiful Brick Home»

The subtle light enhancement brings out the natural colors of the tree and creates interest in the yard at night. 

Landscape lighting coniferous trees omaha nebraskaView More Photos of this LED Conversion»

In both of the photos, the trees are lit from the ground up to illuminate the whole tree. Unique shadows and depth are created from the light catching the branches. 

Lighting the trees in your yard can bring year-round enjoyment. Just imagine, after a fresh snowfall, looking out your windows to see your beautiful snow covered trees softly illuminated and glistening. 

Landscape Lighting Deciduous Trees

Adding light at the base of deciduous trees illuminates the canopy as well as the bark structure. Whether it's dormant or not, the bark is a feature of the tree throughout all seasons. 

Tree-Landscape-Lighting-Omaha-NE-McKay-Landscape-Lighting-H-07_1.jpgView More Photos of this Historic Farmhouse Acreage»

Illuminating trees provides ambient light in the yard, making it easier for you, the homeowner, to see what is happening on your property. It also increases security. It's difficult for an intruder to hide on your property, or even approach your home, with a well-lit yard.  

Tree Landscape Lighting Omaha NebraskaView More Photos of this Charming Old World Home»

The same technique works for lighting trees along paths, walkways, and driveways. Providing enough ambient light for you to safely move around and see your property at night.

Lighting Trees in the Yard Omaha NebraskaView More Photos of this Mediterranean Ozark Lake Home»

Down-lighting is a different technique commonly used in trees to illuminate patios, paths, walkways, and driveways. The light fixture is installed high up in a tree and shines down onto an area. The light catches the leaves and branches of the tree to create a unique shadowing effect. In the photo above, we used a combination of the two techniques. We're down-lighting the path using the mature trees and up lighting the smaller trees in the background to create some ambient light. 

Trees provide year round enjoyment along with many other benefits. Professionally installed landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your trees and can be used to increase nighttime security, safety, and boost curb appeal. Thomas Jefferson said it best, "I never before knew the full value of trees. Under them I breakfast, dine, write, read and receive my company."

If you have any questions on tree lighting, please feel free to contact us or schedule a free consultation today! Visit for Arbor Day celebrations and events in your area. Happy Arbor Day! 

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