How to Use Landscape Lighting Along Your Driveway


Bollard Driveway Lighting

There are a number of different options for driveway lighting that will add safety and beauty. At McKay Lighting, we often use a combination of down lighting from surrounding trees and custom bollard lights to provide optimal lighting that will guide you and your guests at night as well as create a warm welcoming atmosphere as you drive into your home.

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Bollard Driveway Lighting 

Bollards are solid, sturdy, and stately. They provide a soft light around the home's driveway, you want them to be perfectly spaced to optimally light your driveway area. The use of alternating sides provides a tremendous effect at night. McKay has several unique bollards that vary in width and height as well as in design and colors. The fixtures can also be customized in the amount of light that they provide.

Of course, bollards are not only limited to driveway lighting and can be used along isolated paths and around outdoor patios. Different types of businesses have adopted bollards around parking lots and near entrances to provide a professional feel around the premises.

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Down Lighting onto a Driveway

Down lighting adds to the effect by filling in any darker spaces that bollards may not reach. Some homeowners prefer to light their driveway without using lamp post or bollards and down lighting is a great option. McKay's experience in driveway lighting will ensure that your driveway is evenly lit.


There are many different ways to add lighting to your driveway and create a warm and welcoming ambiance for you and your guests. Using a combination of bollards and down lighting to softly light the area without the overpowering it with high intensity lights is just one of the ways to light a driveway.

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