Illuminating Commercial Properties


Illuminating Commercial Properties

Illuminating commercial properties is a part of our business that is growing now more than ever, and is unique because they can be enjoyed by all around the city. You might wonder, "Can a commercial property be illuminated with low voltage lights?" The answer is yes! When designed and installed by McKay Landscape Lighting's professional designers and technicians, we can create and install a lighting system that highlights the unique features of a commercial building that would otherwise go unnoticed at night. Check out some more of the commercial lighting projects we've recently worked on. 

Dundee Bank Blackstone-4

Dundee Bank is an interesting building located in the Blackstone Neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. With tudor-style architecture and unique brick details, creating a lighting design for this commercial property was one of our favorite projects in 2021.

Untitled design (14)

The main focus of this project was to highlight the exceptional architectural features that you don't normally see in most banks. Using soft uplighting around the building can create a warm glow from dusk 'til dawn. With this property, the client's focus was enhancing security. Adding the illumination of landscape lighting not only allows for the building to be properly lit and secure, but adds to its curb appeal in the bustling Blackstone District.

Prairie Queen Apartments

One of our favorite commercial properties we have worked on continuously over the years has been the Bungalows on the Lake at Prairie Queen, located in the Papillion community. We have begun to work closely with developers in the Omaha metro area to provide lighting systems their unique projects, including multi-family developments. 

Canva Design DAE0sIROcaU

For this particular project, it was important to provide an ample amount of lighting surrounding the trees that lined the property, and provide security for the residents that live there. When it comes to creating a lighting design for multi-family living, we are sure to keep security, style and functionality in mind. 

Duchesne Academy

Having the opportunity to illuminate Duchesne Academy was a great chance to utilize some of our fixtures that are designed for commercial spaces. We were able to use all low-voltage fixtures to brighten up this expansive building at night. A critical component of this design was making sure our lights would reach the top story, and the result is nothing short of spectacular! This elegant campus is now a shining focal point in the neighborhood at night. 

Canva Design DAE0sFfPJqk

One unique feature was a large patio area on part of the campus. With the addition of bistro lights strung back and forth, this space can be utilized after dark with the open lighting concept. Check out some more unique campus lighting opportunities below!

Chi Omega Lincoln

We've also had the opportunity to light up some special properties on college campuses. The Chi Omega sorority house located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus was a project we loved working on! Creating a balanced lighting design with subtle uplighting, pathlighting and downlighting made for an inviting space for the students residing in the house. 

Looking to Enhance Your Commercial Property?

Our dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your commercial property. From design to installation to service, you can count on our team of experts to make sure you are happy with your lighting system for years to come. 

College University Exterior Lighting Lincoln Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting SE 02

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