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Outdoor Lighting Maui

The McKay team often travels for landscape lighting projects. Recently, we had a crew in Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, for a landscape lighting project.

While there, our crew managed to have a great time and enjoy every minute of their spare time. For one person, it was their first time flying and seeing the ocean. In this post, a member of our crew shares what it was like working in Hawaii for five weeks.

Outdoor Lighting Hawaii

Landscape Lighting Hawaii

Hawaii: amazing culture and stunning terrain. I had the opportunity to install landscape lights at one of the most unique properties on the island.

Each day we worked amidst the backdrop of untouched ranchland with the ocean view in front of us. Needless to say, it was a rare experience. The landscape, even in the winter, was filled with lush plants and vibrant colors. The colorful flowers became striking points of color when lit at night.

We worked long days near the beginning of the project to ensure we would end on schedule. Doing this allowed us to have a few days off here and there to explore the island. There are many activities to choose from in Maui.

Haleakalā Volcanic Crater

Haleakalā Volcanic Crater

Haleakalā Volcanic Crater

One day we rented a Corvette and drove to the top of the Haleakalā Volcanic Crater on Maui, pictured above. The scenic drive takes you to the tallest peak of Haleakalā ("house of the sun") at 10,023 feet.

I would highly recommend this, the views were amazing, even on an overcast day. We looked at a peak on The Big Island and could see snow on top of the 2 peaks!

The temperature dropped to a refreshing 40 degrees at the top of the crater and we all needed jackets or sweatshirts. It was about a mile hike to reach the crater's edge. Here we could see the mist flow into the crater and then blast over our heads as it reached our ledge. Visiting the crater is something I hope to never forget.


We also ran into our fair share of challenges while installing landscape lights in Maui. The ground was rocky, the irrigation was set up differently, and I was unfamiliar with many of the plants. The property manager did an amazing job answering our questions. We worked closely with him to ensure we didn't cause any damage to this phenomenal property.

The first time we saw the completed project at night, it was simply amazing! Figuring out how to light 20-50 ft palm trees was challenging yet fun, and the results are spectacular. I had never seen trees like this illuminated at night. I am personally proud of this project and the work our team completed. We faced challenges, but we adapted to overcome them and achieve our goal... and the results are amazing! 

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