LED Lighting: Subtly Enhancing a Blue Spruce with a Cool White LED Bulb


While we like to stay away from using colored lenses at McKay Landscape Lighting, adding a Cool White LED bulb to a Blue Spruce can be a subtle and natural way to bring out the tree's color at night. Some lighting companies use colored lenses to enhance the colors on specific projects, but at McKay we prefer to stick to the basics. Many times adding too much color can create an unnatural and  over-saturated look. Using a Cool White LED bulb can add a subtle enhancement to a tree like a Blue Spruce, and really make your yard colorful at night.

Cool White LED Lighting - Large Tree Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

By using a Cool White LED bulb under this Blue Spruce, we were able to bring out the tree's natural color at night. The bulb itself is not blue, it's white, but is does not have the warm undertones of a traditional white bulb. The cool undertones of a Cool White LED bulb provide just the right amount of enhancement to add some contrast and interest to the Blue Spruce pictured here.

This subtle enhancement looks great when the rest of your yard is green, but also in winter!  Imagine this tree with some snow, when the rest of the trees are bare. It can truly be the focal point of your yard all year round!

At McKay Landscape Lighting, it is truly our eye for detail that sets us apart from competitors. We like to stick with what we know works, but are also willing to add some enhancements and specialty lighting where we see would make a difference for our clients. Our years of experience help guide us when deciding what fixtures and bulbs to use on each project.

If you have a Blue Spruce in your yard that could be enhanced by using a Cool White LED bulb, contact us today for a free consultation! Spotlighting a tree like this can really be the focal point of your landscape lighting project and add some contrast to the rest of your yard!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your outdoor lighting needs, please feel free to contact us or request a free consultation online and we’ll contact you to set it up.

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