Let McKay Illuminate your Garden: Healing Garden Lighting


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McKay Lighting has gone from providing lighting just for residential gardens to healing garden lighting.  Whether the garden lighting is around an assisted living complex, a hospital or any other area that may provide a garden for its guests or residents.

McKay uses its signature low-voltage outdoor lighting systems to provide a soft glow on paths, benches, and statues where applicable.  Instead of overpowering high-voltage lights, McKay provides a soft glow that is consistent with the purpose of the garden areas.

If the garden is large with a large amount of paths, McKay will provide a broad light from pathlights to keep visitors safe from potential trips while also helping guests stay on the paths and out of the gardens.

If statues are a main focal point of the garden (as in the picture above), McKay will gently light the structure making sure that the artists work is fully shown off at night.  Through the use of uplighting (and even downlighting in some situations) the shadows around the statue will make it look tremendous at night. McKay will also provide soft light on benches to make them easily accessible and more inviting.  By avoiding glare, benches will stand out at night and will invite a special mood for those visiting.

Security is also an important factor in keeping gardens looking great at night.  Not only will pathlights make the paths within the garden and leading up to the garden safer, but uplights will illuminate the grounds and help prevent trespassers from entering the grounds.  Safety for residents and guest is of utmost importance.  A low-voltage system from McKay will assure that those within the garden will feel safe after sunset.

Creating an inviting and provocative area that will inspire guests.  These areas are meant to inspire thoughts, but can often be overpowered at night by high-voltage bright lighting.  McKay Lighting's specialty in garden lighting will assure that this area will not only be inspiring during the day but will also promote even greater thought after the sun has set. McKay designers will work with you to make sure that all your needs are met and that the area will provide the precise amount of light that will make the garden a special place at night.

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