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Lighting Site Amenities - Landscape Contractor Magazine April McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha NE

Want to know what is involved in managing large and complex landscape lighting residential projects? For one, lots and lots of planning and coordination, especially when several contractors are also involved in the project. 

Owner and Landscape Lighting Designer Jerry McKay recently shared some behind-the-scenes details of a complex outdoor lighting project in Omaha with Landscape Contractor Magazine.

Landscape Lighting Omaha NE

Pergola Landscape Lighting Omaha

The homeowners were in the process of renovating their home, as well as adding site amenities to the property. McKay Landscape Lighting converted their existing halogen system to LED and lit two new pergolas that were incorporated during the renovation. The lighting crew was on site as the pergola was being built so that wiring and all the components for the exterior lighting could be put into place.

"It was very important for us to get in on the pre-construction to be able to get our wiring position so that it could be concealed," said McKay.

Two additional lights with adjustable arms were added to the second pergola to illuminate the seating area. "If the furniture moves at any time, the lights can be aimed in different spots within the interior of the pergola," explains McKay. These fixtures had to be mounted in such a way that did not interfere with the performance of the retractable screen on the pergola.

Lighting a water feature Omaha Nebraska

The lighting crew was also there when the fountain was being installed, to run the wire up the concrete footing and the center cavity. In the article, McKay explains that the fixtures had long leads (with waterproof jackets) so that the crew could make connections within the dry environment. The bowls have underwater light fixtures, so "We had to widen the beam spread as we moved up," McKay says.

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