McKay Landscape Lighting Hosts The 5th Annual Lighting Summit


McKay Landscape Lighting Hosts The 5th Annual Lighting Summit - Landscape Lighting Business Development Conference | Click to read more...

Last year was quite a year for McKay Landscape Lighting as we celebrated 25 years in business! There's another milestone we're celebrating in 2018. It's the fifth anniversary of The Lighting Summit, which was held at the new downtown Marriott in the Capitol District. 

Happy Fifth Anniversary of The Lighting Summit 

Every winter our team hosts The Lighting Summit, a business development conference for landscape lighting professionals. We're excited to say that this year marks five years since we first took the leap of faith and rented our first meeting space. In January 2014, The Lighting Summit had 12 attendees from across the country. Now, The Lighting Summit has grown to close network of 20 landscape lighting business owners that come to Omaha for a few days in January to grow their business. 

We started The Lighting Summit as a way to share what we've learned over the years with other like-minded business owners. Like most people, you might be wondering why we do this. When you enjoy lighting as much as we do, it's fun to share and talk about it with others. It's allowed us to make so many friends in the industry. Not only that, it pushes us to take a good, hard look at our company each year. How can we be better? Is there a way we can be more innovative? We are constantly inspired by each of the attending business owners. Every time we host the event, we look forward to hearing what they are doing and what has changed over the course of the year. 

Thanks to our attendees and everyone else that has supported our event for a wonderful five years. We are so excited to see what the future holds for The Lighting Summit!

McKay's ongoing landscape lighting installation and maintenance training allows for our team provide an unparalleled quality of work for our clients and partners in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas. | Continue reading...

Ongoing Team Training

Besides The Lighting Summit, training is something we do year-round. Ongoing in-house training allows for our installation and service department to go through tricky installation and service techniques, work through problems they may encounter in the field, quality control, and so much more. All of which helps us provide an unparalleled quality of work for our clients and partners.

We're looking forward to the upcoming season and getting out to do what we love - designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor lighting systems.  


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