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Three of McKay Landscape Lighting's photos were chosen for the Special Feature, "A Shining Example: Today's Outdoor Lighting Trends" in Kentucky Homes & Gardens September/October issue. 

The article mentions, "The functionality of any outdoor area greatly increases when it can easily be well lit at night, whether for entertaining or safety reasons, or both. There are many ways to accomplish this, including placing task lighting above the cooking stations to help with food preparation, or adding a decorative chandelier, ambient wall scones and free standing lanterns that create the perfect ambiance for sitting and dining areas, as well as points of entry. Accent lighting can also be used to illuminate trees, wash walls and light pathways or trails."

Outdoor lighting trends A tiered water fountain serves as the focal point of this outdoor space. Here, light is shining down on the fountain to illuminate the bench, flowers and walking paths. This down-lighting allows for a more natural feel and creates a unique evening environment. The fountain is also lit from the inside on all three levels at various intensities using underwater lighting. Path lights along the walkway and up-lighting on the smaller ornamental trees completes the look, which has a park-like feel. Photo, design and installation by McKay Lighting. See more of this project»

The special feature concentrates on outdoor lighting trends and features 11 photos from landscape lighting professional in Kentucky as well as across the United States. Among the mentioned benefits of lighting, the article provides inspiration as to how homeowners can incorporate light into their outdoor spaces or property as well as avoid the "runway effect" by opting for subtle ways to incorporate light that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

landscape lighting photos The lighting around this lake house fire pit creates the ideal ambiance for a night of entertaining, storytelling, laughter and s'mores . Here, path lighting and seat wall lights are used to illuminate the stone walls and steps, which also creates unique shadows on the rocks. The light on the ground also increases the safety of the entire area at night. Photo, design and installation by McKay Lighting. See more of this project»

 The homeowner's vision for lighting the space along with consideration of how the space gets used plays an important role in developing the lighting design. As the article mentions, "This requires skill to determine which architectural angels and landscape details are worth illuminating and which could be a waste of time and effort, as well as working with the shadows in a precise way to bring about a three-dimensional effect. Since lighting is one of the main factors that helps set the mood for an outdoor space, it can work to create virtually any desired look and feel."

The author also points out that today's lighting systems are both energy efficient and technologically advanced some even allowing the homeowner to control the lighting system via smartphone or tablet. Which is not only beneficial for homeowners but provides an ease of use that wasn't available years ago.

Landscape Lighting around a Pool Omaha An expertly lit pool area allows for long summer evenings spent enjoying the space and also helps to make any hazardous areas safer, including steps, walkways and pool edges. Here, a combination of down-lighting, up-lighting and path lights combine, with up-lights around the pool adding a beautiful backdrop and creating a soft light throughout the area, while down-lights provide a unique, evenly lit atmosphere that enhances safety around pool edges. Photo, design and installation by McKay Lighting. See more of this project»

Read the full article for more great advice and ideas for your home or property, here, or browse our galleries for even more inspiration, here.

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