McKay Lighting's Halogen to LED Conversion Mentioned in Two Publications


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McKay Landscape Lighting is excited to share that it was featured in the April issue of two publications. Both magazines feature photos from a recent halogen to LED conversion in Omaha, Nebraska. The landscape lighting design was originally installed by McKay Lighting in 2000. Last year, the homeowners chose to upgrade it from halogen to LED.  

Landscape Architect & Specifier News Article featuring McKay Landscape Lighting's Halogen to LED conversion Omaha NE

Omaha LED Retrofit, Landscape Architect & Specifier News 

Andrew (AJ) Coleman, an outdoor lighting designer at McKay Lighting, shares details of the LED conversion. He met with the homeowners to discuss the benefits of LED, what fixtures could be converted from halogen to LED versus replaced or upgraded, and adding light to dark areas and new artwork. Some of the trees had tripled in size since 2000. Additional fixtures were added to accommodate for growth and adequately illuminate the trees canopies. 

"The main goal was to highlight the beauty of the home and provide added security at the same time. We always want to spread the light around the property from the interior perimeter of the home out into the yard by illuminating select trees and highlighting dark areas," explained AJ. "New artwork had been added to the property over the years. A little light on a sculptural piece can be quite dramatic with the combination of light and shadows." Read the Article»

Landscape Contractor News Article featuring McKay Landscape Lighting Unique Objects Omaha NE

The Uncommon, the Odd, & the Ornate Lighting Special Features, Landscape Contractor

Jerry McKay, the owner of McKay Lighting, provides advice for professionals lighting unique objects. He recommends surveying the grounds and then talking with the customer about the object and its purpose. "A unique play area that is in a dark corner might be best served to be on a switch," McKay advises. "That way that way, if the kids wanted to use it, the switch would allow it to be lighted. Every other night of the year it could remain dark as not to take away from the landscape." 

In regards to lighting the intricate sculpture of the photo featured, Jerry advises professionals to determine where the object will be enjoyed from the clients perspective. Read the Article»

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