Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Ideas to Make it Shine at Night


Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Ideas Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

As the fall begins in Omaha, we can look forward to using our outdoor areas more. Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful place to enjoy its warmth with loved ones. What's better than a cozy night unwinding fireside?

Landscape lighting can transform your outdoor fireplace into a beautiful focal point and take your evening experience to a whole new level!

When properly done, outdoor fireplace lighting adds beauty and interest to your unique feature while also increasing safety. You and your guests will appreciate a little extra light to help navigate the seating and surrounding areas. 

Here are some of our favorite and effective techniques for lighting an outdoor fireplace

Want to make Your Outdoor Fireplace shine at night? See how these popular landscape lighting techniques can make it even more of a beautiful focal point at night.  Click to read more | McKay Lighting - Omaha Nebraska

Popular Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Ideas:

Uplighting an outdoor fireplace

Many fireplaces include beautiful natural stone or brick. This technique, uplighting, allows the light to gently crawl up the textured hardscape, creating unique shadow effects as it enhances all the intricate details of the fireplace feature. It won't overpower it or take away from the effect the fire brings.

The light fixtures are installed flush with the hardscape near the base of the feature. An experienced professional will know exactly where and how to install the fixture, so it enhances your fire feature.

It's best to start working with your lighting designer before or as the fireplace is being built. They will determine the best installation techniques and coordinate timing. If your fireplace is already built, uplighting may still be possible. At McKay Lighting, our experts work with your existing hardscape.

Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting
spotlighting onto an outdoor fireplace  

Another option to enhance an outdoor fireplace is with strategically placed spotlights. It casts a nice soft light onto the fireplace, providing an effect similar to uplighting.

This is a great alternative for lighting an existing fireplace without needing to drill into the hardscape. The fixtures can be installed in nearby landscaping and pointed toward the fireplace.

Popular Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Ideas Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

Downlighting onto an outdoor fireplace  

This is one of our favorite lighting techniques as it produces an effect similar to the glow of the moon. Downlighting creates a unique, natural soft light on the fireplace and surrounding environment. It can brighten the entire space to make it safer at night for you, your family, and guests. 

We often place fixtures in nearby mature trees, an overhead structure, or the eves of the roof to downlight an area. At the property above, well lights could have caused glare for the couple as they used the space. Two downlights, on a separate switch, shine down onto the stone fireplace. The couple can turn them off when they want a darker atmosphere to watch TV. 

Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Design Ideas - Omaha, Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

Creating balance and unified lighting scheme:  

Lastly, consider how light could benefit your entire space or nearby features. A unified lighting design usually creates balance and interest throughout the entire space. For example, you can uplight your fireplace to enhance its intricate texture, downlight the entire area for a unique ambiance, and then use seat wall lights on a nearby sitting wall for an aesthetically pleasing way to increase safety.

Many fireplaces are made of natural stone, uplighting the stonework creates unique shadow effects. The light gently crawls up the fireplace not to over overpower it or take away from the effect the fire brings. Click to read more... | Outdoor Stone Fireplace Lighting | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha Nebraska

Installing Outdoor Lighting Around a Fireplace:

As we mentioned earlier, the best and most effective way to install landscape lighting around an outdoor fireplace with hardscaping is to start working with your lighting designer before construction begins. Your designer can then plan and work with the other contractors on the project, which may provide more fixture placement options and allow the installation of certain components before the completion of concrete or pavers.

If your outdoor fireplace is already constructed, landscape lighting is still a great option! A designer will discuss all of your options for adding light during the consultation

Installing Landscape Lighting to an Outdoor Fireplace Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

While an outdoor fireplace does produce a certain amount of light, outdoor lighting can transform your evening experience. It will enhance the beauty of your fire feature, create a unique ambiance, and increase safety.

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