Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Series Part Two: Grill Lighting


Grill Lights Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

As we continue our outdoor kitchen lighting series, we move on to McKay Landscape Lighting's unique grill lighting. One of the most important aspects of an outdoor kitchen is definitely the grill.  Whether or not a full outdoor kitchen accompanies you grill or not, having a low voltage light shining on your grill will make grilling much easier for you to cook your food properly and safer!

The first picture included in this post is of a fixture specifically designed for grill lighting.  It extends directly over a grilling area and shines a direct light on the food being prepared.  This type of fixture is best used for outdoor kitchens because the installation requires a counter area for it to be installed.  This fixture, specially designed for McKay is extremely durable and our designer will work with you to make sure that the light is installed exactly where you want it to be placed.

The fixture can be installed onto the house or even installed in a nearby tree.  Once again, with their years of experience, McKay's designers will use their expertise to decide the best way to create the best effect on the grill so that you will be able to see your food as you grill it and also enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor living area.

Grill  Lighting Omaha NE McKay Landscape Lighting

Our designers work with you to decide the voltage of the light bulb to make sure that enough light is hitting the grill for your cooking preferences. The second picture shows a slightly different type of outdoor grill light that McKay has used in many outdoor lighting designs throughout the years.  Here, a soft light from above shines down on the grill.  The actual fixture is hidden in a way that reduces glare and also makes the fixture difficult to see during the day.

There are a number of different ways to make sure that your outdoor kitchen looks great at night.  One of the most unique, as well as most important is the use of outdoor grill lighting.  From downlighting to a unique fixture specifically designed for lighting the grill, you can grill safely into the later hours of the evening.

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Our dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting works with you to create a custom landscape lighting design that's unique to your property. From design to installation to service, you can count on our team of experts to make sure you are happy with your lighting system for years to come. 

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