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If you have ever tried cooking in an outdoor kitchen at night, you know how difficult it can be. Having the proper lighting is essential to safe grilling and making sure your food gets cooked to the correct temperature. Not only will outdoor kitchen or grill lighting make cooking easier, but it will save you multiple trips inside to check the doneness of your food.

Whether you have an expansive outdoor kitchen or a modest grill area, the right lighting can dramatically change your food preparation, cooking, and dining experience.

Consider the following outdoor kitchen and grill lighting ideas to brighten your space: 

outdoor kitchen grill lighting ideas

Light Above the Grill

Having a light shining down from directly above your grilling area is a great way brighten your entire food prep and cooking areas to increase visibility.

Since you only really need this type of task lighting while you are using the area, we like to put it on a separate switch near the grill. That way, it's not on all the time. You can quickly turn it on or off as needed. 

outdoor kitchen grill lighting ideas

Under-Countertop Lighting

Under-countertop lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, especially when it's highlighting beautiful stonework, but also extremely functional. Consider finding your mini fridge, cabinets, or other built-in compartments much easier. 

outdoor kitchen grill lighting ideas

Have Fun with Colored LED Lighting

LED tape light is a great option for many under-counter areas. Available in color changing options, you can set to regular white light all year round and then mix it up for holidays, special occasions, or just because. 

The property pictured above has a pool near their outdoor kitchen area. It's the perfect set up for 4th of July celebrations. Imagine the bar is flashing patriotic colors, everyone is having a great time lounging by the pool watching the fireworks overhead. It helps set the scene for a memorable evening. 

outdoor kitchen grill lighting ideas

Seat Wall Lights

Similar to tape light, seat wall lights are another excellent option for under-counter areas. The seat wall application is not a continuous strip of light like the led tape. The breaks provide just enough brightness to make it look sharp.

outdoor kitchen grill lighting ideas

Consider Other Outdoor Areas

Look at other areas of your outdoor space, could adding light help increase safety or make your space more enjoyable or functional at night? An experienced landscape lighting designer will elegantly illuminate it based on your specific needs. For more deck and patio lighting ideas, download our free Project Idea Book to browse our top projects and see different types of popular lighting applications. 

An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. When you have proper lighting, it makes food preparation easier and entertaining more enjoyable. 

If you are in the planning phase, see Garden Design's expert tips for planning and designing an outdoor cooking space and start meeting with lighting designers, see our guide for help selecting one. Some projects are more complex than others. It may be easier to add light as you are building or making renovations. An experienced lighting designer will know the best strategy for installing fixtures for optimal placement and can coordinate the details with any other contractors involved in the project.

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