Top 3 Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2015


Happy Friday everyone! Since we are counting down the days to spring, why not feature some hot trends on our radar! Here are a few things to inspire you for the next couple of days…  

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting - LED Tape Light by McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

1) LED Lighting 

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular over the years, we see this trend continue as its capabilities expand. LED Tape Lighting is versatile and has a number of different uses: kitchens, steps, bar areas, the list goes on. Plus, it is barely visible during the day and can be used with normal LED warm white light as pictured above or in a variety of different colors.  Learn more about ways to use LED tape lighting here or view our Specialty Lighting Gallery to see other custom made lighting applications.

Landscape Lighting Control Systems Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

2) Lighting Control Systems

Imagine you are hanging out in your pool or by the fireplace. You want to dim the lights a bit to gaze at the stars and then easily brighten them up again before heading back inside, but you don’t want to trip over anything along the way.  Good news! There are several different types of technology out there that will allow you to do that.

For the property pictured above we used a wireless control system that runs separate electrical circuits via iPhone or iPad. This is a great system when you want to have more control and easily turn your lights on and off .  Here, we were able to give the homeowners four different zones: 1) pathlights, 2) uplights and downlights, 3) outdoor kitchen and natural stone (seatwall lights, well lights and column lights), and 4) clubhouse lights. Read more about this project in our Project Spotlight: Rustic South Dakota Home Outdoor Lighting.

Elegant Outdoor Security Lighting Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

3) Elegant Outdoor Security Lighting 

Gone are the days of using harsh, high powered lights that disturb the neighbors and devalue your property, when you can have an elegantly designed low-voltage landscape lighting system working to enhance your security system. We feel a well lit property is less likely to have an intruder. Our specifically designed lights will enhance any on-property security cameras by allowing dark areas to come through on the surveillance screen. Learn more about how you can Boost Your Home’s Security with Outdoor Lighting or view our Outdoor Security Lighting gallery.

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