Keeping Your Property Safe: Outdoor Security Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor Security Lighting Fixtures
With Daylight Savings Time coming to an end this weekend, the sun will begin to set earlier and security around your home may very well be on your mind.  McKay Lighting's outdoor security lighting fixtures will help to make your property safer at night and will give you and your family peace of mind. With McKay's specially designed fixtures, our designers will make sure  that potential thieves will be encouraged to "move on" past your home.

McKay also provides safety by keeping you safe on your own property at night.  Through downlighting paths and using path lights along those same paths, McKay designers will make sure that all of the frequently used paths around your home are well lit to prevent trips and falls.

One of McKay's signature lighting designs is to use downlighting to bring light to an area.  The picture on the right makes it clear how downlighting fixtures create a soft light around the paths.  A fixture from high up in a tree can provide a spread of light that will cover a large portion of the walking path. Of course, the light is not overpowering but instead provides a soft low-voltage light that keeps the path visible at night and keeps you safe as you walk around the property.

Another important outdoor security lighting fixture is the path light, another fixture that provides light on a path and keeps it visible at night.  Since path lights are not as high up as the downlight, they provide a little brighter light on the area.  Once again, it is easy to see the effect that these path lights will create from the picture on the right.  They not only create a safe walking path but add an element of aesthetic beauty to the area as McKay designers often use them to line the length of a property's path. There are a number of different specially designed path lights that McKay uses to best blend in with the property and home.

Obviously, the use of downlights and path lights are not limited to simply paths.  McKay uses the outdoor security lighting fixtures to light driveways, entryways and patios.  McKay fixtures create safety for the homeowner strolling at night but also prevents intruders from targeting dark areas of a home. Security lighting is not limited to just these lights as McKay uses a number of different tactics to keep your property safe at night.

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