Seat Wall Lighting Makes Your Lake Home Shine at Night


Lake Home Lighting Techniques  - Sea wall lighting

The backyard of a lake home can be a wonderful place for entertaining and taking in the beautiful sunset views. Late at night, it can be difficult to see where your property ends and where the lake begins. Darkness and water are not a good mix if you want everyone on your property to be safe.

Seat wall lighting can enhance the beauty of your property while increasing safety and security at night. Proper outdoor lighting can make a lake home can shine at night. 

At this Nebraska lake home, we used LED cascade fixtures to light the sea walls. It casts a soft light directly onto the water to create a unique reflection on the water at night. The effect of outdoor lighting makes the property more distinctive from a distance and increases safety for anyone walking near the water's edge. 

Lake Home: Sea Wall Lighting Omaha Nebraska  | McKay Landscape Lighting

Our team expertly installed the fixtures to blend with the seat wall during the day. Then at night, they provide an optimal amount of light along the shoreline. The specifier-grade fixtures are waterproof and made from solid copper and brass to help prevent damage from spraying water or high waves.

If you want your lakefront property to stand out among your neighbors and be more visible from the viewpoint of boats on the lake, seat wall lighting is an effective way to bring aesthetic beauty to your backyard while making it much safer. You won't have to worry about guests falling into the lake or children losing their footing near the water. 

Our team installed the same fixture to light the boat dock of this lakefront property. A dock landing is a great place to sit back and relax, but also dangerous at night. Any area near the water should be properly illuminated to help prevent trips and falls.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Nebraska Lake Homes - McKay Lighting

Let the experts at McKay Lighting strategically illuminate your property to highlight it's beauty, increase safety, and evening enjoyment. We'll create a custom design specific to your lake home and outdoor lighting needs. Schedule a free consultation online or browse our galleries for more inspiration.

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