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Refurbishing an older home can sometimes be a daunting task. It took the homeowners about three years to completely restore this historic home in Omaha. Built in the 1920's, this home has impeccable detail throughout that extends into the home's exterior and outdoor spaces.

The exterior of the home was rather dark, and the homeowners knew they'd want outdoor lighting to increase security, safety, and extend the use of their outdoor space. Familiar with McKay Landscape Lighting's work at their previous home, a plan was organized to have the lighting system installed in two phases. The first phase involved the front of the home, lighting to accentuate its magnificent architectural features at night while adding safety and security. The second phase focused on extending the use of their outdoor spaces while adding safety and security as well.

Our install team worked diligently and carefully not to disturb the historic craftsmanship this home has to offer. Scroll to see the landscape lighting design and learn more about this project.

Residential Entrance Landscape Lighting Omaha NE McKay Landscape Lighting H 05

The formal front entry uses several lighting techniques: path lights along the walkway, up lighting to accentuate the home's features and to illuminate the American flag, as well as shining light to highlight the sculptures.

Outdoor Lighting Sculptures Omaha NE McKay Landscape Lighting H 06

Landscape Lighting Design Omaha Nebraska

The stone pathway on the left leads down to the patio space, while the pathway on the right winds into a different area of the backyard. A combination of cascade and path lights were used to light stairs and walkways.

Lighting around a water feature Omaha NE

We love how down lighting creates a soft light and interesting shadow patterns of the leaves. It truly creates a unique and enjoyable ambiance. The lighting around the water fountain includes a mixture of downlights, uplights, and path lights.

Patio Lighting Omaha NE

To adequately light the patio area, we used a blend of downlights, cascade lights, and path lights. The cascade lights were installed directly on the wall to avoid potential glare and provide a clean light. Installing light fixtures onto existing masonry or brick often presents some challenges, especially with older stone. You must be very careful, otherwise, you run the risk of ruining the stonework. Our crew discovered some sleeving was drilled through the stone, so we could easily run wires.

Do you want to see more of this project? Watch the video below or visit our Houzz page, ask questions, and save the photos you like.


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