Entryway Lighting: Keeping Your Home Safe at Night


Outdoor entryway ideas to make your home safer at night. McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha Nebraska

When someone rings your doorbell at night, do you get a little nervous?

Perhaps you can't tell who is at your door and a little fear sets in. Most of the time, the person is not harmful, but it's common to have some hesitation. Keeping your home safe with outdoor entryway lighting is an easy way to make your home safer at night. The ability to clearly see who is at your door will bring increased peace of mind when an unknown visitor comes to the door.

Create a Warm and Welcoming Ambiance 

Besides, peace of mind, a well-illuminated entryway makes your home more inviting. A dark one can make it feel like nobody is home. Lighting the exterior of your front entrance lets visitors know you are home and welcomes them to your door. 

Increase Nighttime Safety & Security

Many front entrances have steps leading the front door. In the dark of night, steps can become hazardous for those walking up to your home. Effective outdoor entryway lighting increases the visibility in these areas to make steps safer and easier to navigate. 

As mentioned earlier, a dark entry gives the impression no one is home. If you are out of town, effectively lighting your front entrance can deceive potential intruders into thinking someone is home. This security measure works best when a timer or control system turns your lights on and off. We have more tips and advice on security lighting here.

Residential Outdoor Security Lighting - Front Entrance Lighting Omaha Nebraska

Common ways to light a Home Entryway

At McKay Lighting, we typically employ two main types of outdoor entryway lighting: path lighting and downlighting.  

Path lights create a trail of light leading to the front door. A concentrated spread of light shines directly onto the path and surrounding area. Path lights should be correctly spaced to avoid a runway type of look. 

The second type entails installing downlights on the house or in a nearby tree. This application gives a softer light with a larger spread. However, strategically placing the fixture can create a smaller spread to illuminate the area where guests stand at the door. You will clearly see your guests when you look out the window.

Outdoor entrance lighting is an important component when security is a concern. Effective landscape lighting helps increase security and safety while enhancing the beauty of a home.  McKay Lighting Omaha Nebraska

Entryway lights are an important component, especially when security is a concern.  It can help create a more inviting entrance while increasing security and safety without the use of bright, harsh floodlights.

more outdoor entryway LIGHTING ideas 

You can browse some of our more traditional and unique front entrance lighting projects here or explore our gallery. For options customized to your home and property, you can schedule a free consultation with a designer to discuss your specific needs and solutions.

Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas - Browse Our Photos for Inspiration | McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

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