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Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting Ideas Omaha, Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

As we approach more enjoyable weather, you might spend these chilly evenings gathered around the warmth of your fire pit. The fire pit is an outdoor feature commonly enjoyed at only night. Why not enhance its beauty and increase safety with any of these outdoor fire pit lighting ideas? 

Illuminate a outdoor fire pit with seat wall lights. See more popular fire pit lighting ideas. | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha Nebraska

seat wall lights

One of our most popular design tactics for fire pit lighting includes seat wall lighting. At McKay Lighting, we install the small fixture under the ledge of a seat wall. It's barely noticeable during the day, yet provides plenty of light to the area at night.

We love how the seat wall light shines on the stonework to create an aesthetically pleasing look. It also makes the area safer at night, adequately illuminated corners and walkways help prevent trips, falls, and stubbed toes. Learn more about using seat wall lights around a fire pit

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Placing a few lights at the base of a nearby tree creates ambient light to help with visibility, creates drama, and visual interest when the fire feature is off. For the homeowners of this modern mountain home, it also provides a nice backdrop when they are looking at the backyard from the patio or deck. 

Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting S 11

copper Light sconces

For the fire pit area of this outdoor sanctuary, copper light sconces complement the stonework and softly illuminate the area, making it safer at night. The light shines on the stonework to give the space an aesthetically pleasing look.

Lake house lighting unique fire pit lighting nebraska

Down lighting

This option provides ample, soft light to the entire fire pit area without overpowering it. Down lighting creates a nice ambiance for relaxation around the fire pit on cool nights. Fixtures can be installed in nearby trees, attached to the home, or other structures around the fire pit area. At the lakefront project featured above, we used this technique as a secondary lighting source along with seat wall lights and path lights.

path lights

Another popular option to make your fire pit area shine at night includes the use of path lights. This fixture provides light closer to the ground and enhances visibility. Similar to seat wall lights, it will greatly improve the safety around your fire pit. 

outdoor bistro string lights create a nice soft ambiance around an outdoor fire pit | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Nebraska

Outdoor Bistro string lights

The last option, outdoor bistro string lights, are a great option to give your space a nice soft ambiance. String lights offer endless design patterns and configurations, so they work well in most outdoor spaces. Our team installed the pole and then attached the lights from it to the deck at the patio project above - watch the video HERE.

Whether you use one application or multiple, these outdoor fire pit lighting ideas will only enhance the natural ambiance created by the fire's flames. When you work with the experienced team at McKay Lighting, our designers know exactly where to place fixtures to provide the perfect feel and function to your space.  

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