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Outdoor fire pits are not only a cozy patio feature but also a perfect gathering area for late-night entertaining and creating memories around the warmth of the fire. Many fire pit designs incorporate seat walls to provide additional patio seating or help define the space. 

Installing seat wall lighting around your fire pit will provide a stylish dimension of illumination and maximize your time outside after the sun has set. In this post, we'll share how this small practical light fixture can transform the overall aesthetic and increase the safety of your gathering spot. 

Fire pit seat wall lighting adds a great dimension to your outdoor space after the sun has set. Click to learn more... | McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

Patio Seat Wall Lighting around a Fire Pit 

Seat wall lighting is popular solution for enhancing fire pit and patio seating areas. The small but mighty fixture provides a notable amount of light to the surrounding area. It's an aesthetically pleasing way to accent the stone wall, illuminate the area and walking paths, and define the patio space. 

Patio seat wall lights around outdoor fire place | McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Environment 

The fire itself creates a decent amount of light, but adding seat wall lights provides another layer that enhances the beauty and ambiance - even without the fire's flames.

When the seat wall lights hit the stone, the shadows create a unique and classy atmosphere that is truly spectacular at night. You'll love how it creates an aesthetically pleasing environment, not to mention how much more time you'll want to spend around your fire pit.

Increase Fire Pit Safety

Besides adding enjoyment and beauty, proper lighting will make the entire fire pit and patio seating area safer at night. The gentle splash of light on the ground improves visibility for you and your guests. This technique also works well on steps, as shown below, if you have some that are a common tripping hazard. The light casts down onto individual steps to mark the elevation change.   

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Seat wall lights in outdoor stone stairs Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

Patio Seat Wall Lighting Installation

At McKay Landscape Lighting, we install the small fixture flush into the stone wall, under the cap, to make the fixture itself barely visible. The wire is drilled through the concrete and hidden accordingly. Our experienced installation crews take great pride in the techniques they've mastered over the years. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is a significant aspect of creating the perfect ambiance while also providing function. 

We recommend hiring a professional with proper training and experience to install seat wall lighting around your fire pit. The end result should provide the perfect amount of light with the fixtures evenly spaced. Too much light can easily overpower the space and too little can be underwhelming. 

Outdoor seat wall lighting Omaha Nebraska | McKay Landscape Lighting

Transform Your Fire Pit Area with Seat Wall Lighting

If your fire pit has a built-in stone wall, lighting will greatly enhance the look of your fire pit seating area. Outdoor lighting is essential to extending your time outside, increasing safety, and creating the perfect late-night ambiance.

A professional outdoor lighting designer will know how to create a timeless design and transform your evening fire pit experience. If you're in the Omaha or Lincoln area, feel free to schedule a free consultation online or give us a call at 1 (402) 289-3424. Our dedicated team would love to work with you to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space while considering your unique needs.

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