Outdoor Lighting Walkways, Paths, and Steps for Safety


Outdoor Landscape Lighting Walkways, Paths, and Stairs for Safety

Outdoor walking areas can be difficult to navigate in the dark of night. Proper lighting will not only help guide you, your family members and guests, but it can help prevent trips and falls. When considering outdoor lighting for safety, you'll want to focus on how to illuminate your walkways, paths, steps, and stairs to provide function and enhance beauty. 

Consider the following outdoor lighting ideas to elegantly illuminate your walkways, paths, steps, and stairs for safety

Down Lighting Walkways, Paths, and Steps

Downlighting Walkways, Paths, and Steps

Downlighting is one of our favorite ways to light walkways, paths, and steps. This unique technique directs light down from up above, maybe a nearby tree or structure, to create unique shadowing effects in the evening.

Path Lighting for Walkways, Paths, and Steps

Path Lighting Omaha NE McKay Landscape Lighting LE21

Path Lights for Walkways, Paths, and Steps:

Another option involves using path lights. These fixtures are approximately 14”-18” or taller and can be strategically placed along walking areas. Sometimes we use a combination of path lights and downlighting to make sure the area is evenly illuminated. 

Lighting Walkways and Paths with Bollards

Bollard Lights for Walkways and Paths:

Bollard lights are solid, sturdy, and stately. They provide a soft light and create the most extraordinary shadows. Bollards are most commonly used to light driveways but are a great option to light paths, walkways, gardens, patios and more. Learn more and see more ideas here»

Driveway Lighting Decorative Bollards Elkhorn NE McKay Landscape Lighting M 04

Lighting for Pool Safety

Outdoor Lighting Around Pools:

If your backyard has a pool, it's a good idea to light the walkway from the house to the pool and surrounding areas. This path often has elevation and surface changes. Without proper illumination, it can be dangerous at night. Downlights or path lights will help increase the visibility and safety around your pool into the evening hours. 

Deck Stairs and Step Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Options for Steps:

There are several options for lighting outdoor stair or steps. Step lights or LED tape light can be mounted under the overhang of steps or railings. Illuminate deck stairs with these custom fixtures or wall lights can be installed flush to nearby hardscapes. 

Deck-Stair-Lighting-Step-Lighting-McKay-Landscape-Lighting-Omaha,-NEPatio Stair Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting L 06

When deciding how to light your outdoor areas, you'll want to consider how the position of the light might impact your surrounding areas. You don't want to overpower the space or momentarily blind someone walking up or down the stairs and unintentionally cause them to trip or fall. Effectively lighting your the walkways, paths, stairs, and steps on your property help keep you, your friends, and family safe.

A landscape lighting professional can help you select which application will work best for you space given the situation. They'll know how to strategically light to accomplish security, safety, and beauty so that you can achieve your lighting goals for your home.

If you have any questions about safety lighting or would like to discuss your outdoor lighting needs, please feel free to schedule a free consultation online.

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