Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips: Mulching


Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips Mulching

Mulching has its advantages. It's beneficial to the plant material and aesthetically pleasing. But, mulching can sometimes cause problems to a landscape lighting system. Today we wanted to address some common problems and provide tips for keeping your system properly working. 

Lights Out? Check the Mulch Area: 

Whenever lights are out in an area where the mulch was placed; it's possible the fixtures got buried. This is especially common with well lights and other fixtures low to the ground. You'll want to unbury and clear the mulch away from the fixture.

It's always best to let the landscaping company know about your outdoor lighting system and ask them not to cover the fixtures with mulch. Also, request that they remove the old mulch before adding the new mulch. Too much mulch can trap in moisture intended for the plant. 

If your lights are not covered by mulch and not working, then it's possible the wires were accidentally cut. 

How to avoid cutting landscape lighting wire

How to Avoid Cutting Landscape Lighting Wires:

Cut landscape lighting wires are the most common (and costly) problem we encounter after a property has been mulched and power edged. Some or all of your lights will not turn on when this happens. We recommend having an outdoor lighting service technician repair any cut wires. They'll have the experience to locate the cuts and accurately make waterproof repairs. Each situation is different but repairing cut wires can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

To prevent cut outdoor lighting wires we recommend having your wires located and flagged prior to mulching or power edging. You can contact us and let us know when you're having any of these services done. Our service technician will visit your property to locate and flag your wires. The flags will let the company know to avoid these areas. 

The blade of a power edger normally cuts 3 - 4 inches into the ground. At McKay Lighting, we aim to bury wire about 6 - 8 inches, which is usually deep enough to avoid cuts. Nevertheless, some weeds may require a deeper blade to get the roots. Old wires can eventually work their way up to the surface over time, too. To be safe, it’s best to have your landscape lighting wires located and flagged prior to mulching and power edging.

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